Monday Update: 3 July Edition

Despite Trumps latest twitter storm, and the provocation his administration did with China today, I do find today to be oddly dull. I’m sure CNN will have plenty to complain about later, but eh.

So, to sum up:

  • Trump attacked CNN, labeled them the Fake News Network (FNN) on a video he edited and then posted to his own twitter account (cause subtlety is beyond this one)
  • An American Navy Ship sailed near the disputed islands in the South China Sea, which naturally pissed off China. I wonder why.
  • Senate Healthcare talks continue, though the moderates are still refusing to give their votes to the bill. Apparently Cruz and Lee are pushing for the law in the backrooms, we’ll see what happens there I guess.

This should be more dramatic but honestly, it’s Trump. Hissy Fits, Provocations and Republican Senate secrecy seems to be the norm here.



The Atlantic: Donald Trump is Testing Twitters Harassment Policy 
The Atlantic: American Navy Ships Provokes China


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