German CDU releases manifesto for upcoming election

So, here’s a change of pace: Chancellor Merkel and her party the Christian Democrats (CDU), along with their sister party the Christian Social Union (CSU), released their manifesto today for the upcoming elections in September.

Broadly speaking it promises a tax cut for the lower and middle classes to the tune of $15 billion, done (partly anyway) by raising the threshold for the highest tax bracket, better communication between the security services and agencies and more focus on digitalization, along with a promise of full employment. Sounds nice but probably not gonna happen. Anyway it’s all very stable and simple, basically a reaffirming of their current policies, with a few updates. All told the manifesto and the current state of the country (the $160 billion surplus of the nation, $3.1 trillion economy, and currently low unemployment of 3.9%), plus the recent passing of a gay marriage law, means it’s very likely Merkel will win the election.

Helps that Germany remembers the last time they let a demagogue in office, but whatever.

Anyway, just a change of pace from the healthcare talk. No real shifts on that front either, so at this rate I don’t see a midnight vote happening. Still could pass of course, just after the July 4th break.

I’ll keep you posted.


Politico: Merkel Releases Party Manifesto


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