Trump-Putin meeting summary

Well, that happened.

So, Trump and Putin met; it was apparently a quiet, closed meeting between them, Tillerson, his Russian counterpart Lavrov and two interpreters. It was interesting to say the least, from what little I know.

So, firstly the meeting itself lasted two hours, that’s one and a half longer than what was expected and prepared for, so clearly there was a long discussion. Secondly, both presidents came out with an agreement on a ceasefire in Syria, so some progress was actually made. Finally the diverging reports regarding the meeting ere presented by each party, Trumps side claiming they repeatedly pressed Putin on the election manipulations, Putin’s claiming Trump accepted his initial response with little comment. The differences aren’t surprising, the fact that neither side agreed to a script is. Normally both sides agree to a particular interpretation to give to the media, to coordinate on message. That this didn’t happen most likely reflects on the novices lack of awareness to certain facts, and Putin’s willingness to use that. Oh, and both sides agreed to a joint cyber security partnership.

That’ll end well. Or quickly, one or the other.

With regards to Ukraine, apparently (according to Lavrov) there was some common ground to work on, though how that’ll play out is anyone’s guess. Doubt even Tillerson knows at this point.

Wonder how long that Syria ceasefire will last?


The Atlantic: Trump Putin Meeting


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