Senate bill Currently DOA

It ain’t looking good for McConnell. 

With Senator McCain currently recovering from surgery in Arizona (an eye clot above his eye was removed) there are currently (at best) 49 senate votes to debate on the current Bill. Which means that the bill wouldn’t even get a basic debate before being abandoned.

Further, Senators Collin and Paul remain firmly against the current state of the bill, with Collins estimating “between eight and ten” senators being unwilling to vote for it in its current form, she said on ABC’s “This Week”. How accurate that is I’m not sure, but regardless McConnell has pushed back the vote again in light of McCain’s recovery time.

At this stage it is looking increasingly unlikely the bills gonna go anywhere, to the point that Michael Needham, President of the Conservative Heritage Action for America, estimated only 20 senators were actually willing to vote for the bill, and that the Republican party was not serious about repeal. Personally I think they weren’t serious about repeal and replace, but at this stage that’s splitting hairs.

I’m not sure how McConnell will work his way out of this one, but I’m still not about to count him out; he still has that $200 Billion to work with (or whats left of it)


Politco: Senate Healthcare Bill Stalled


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