Democrats Release New Platform

In preparation for the 2018 electoral races, the Democratic Party has released it’s newest economic platform, campaigning on economic concerns which they believe hold more sway with rural and working voters, and eschewing in large part the social issues which may have alienated them during the 2016 election.

The platform focuses on a $15 dollar minimum wage, job growth and focusing on combating corporate consolidation and using antitrust laws to promote competition and small business growth, via preventing excessive mergers. Given the concerns a number of people have regarding corporate mergers and takeovers, this may not be a bad platform.

While some are concerned regarding the lack focus regarding social issues, I do think the party leaders have a point. It’s important that equality for the LGBT community, advances regarding racism inherent in a number of systems, protecting women’s right to choose, all these are important issues that must be pushed for, especially in the current political climate. They also sell much better in cites; rural areas frankly don’t care for them. And this has hurt democrats, as many of these more rural areas and counties believe that Democrats simply on’t share their values and priorities. Focusing on economics could well be the boost the left needs to recapture a significant part of the legislature, and from there move forward with a better agenda.

Having a broad economic message gives red state democrats and rural voters something to agree on; let the cities focus on the social issues.


Politico: Democrats Move away from Social Issues with New Platform


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