White House Administration endorses new Immigration Bill

Trump stood with Senators Cotton and Perdue to declare his support for a new immigration bill, which they claim would reorient their current immigration system into a merit based operation, with a sharp limit on who, where, and how many, could enter. In the wake of this, Steven Miller (yes that one) went to the White House briefing to reaffirm the administrations support for the bill. He then proceeded to pick fights with two journalists and remind everyone why he doesn’t go on air very often.

Regardless of Millers actions, this is a concern simply because there is no discernible proof that any of their claims are realistic. Cotton claims this bill ill firmly place the American Government on the side of the working people, rather than immigrants but there is simply no proof that that is the case: immigrants typically commit less crimes, start more businesses and pay their taxes better than the native born, in addition to working harder at what would be considered lesser jobs by native workers. What this really does is reaffirm the Administrations and the Republican Party’s commitment to the narrative of white disenfranchisement and abandonment. And this won’t fix the issue, they won’t work the same jobs as the immigrants, the opioid crisis won’t disappear because there were less immigrants and the economy won’t shoot up just because there were less immigration.

That’s just not how this works.


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