Tax Cuts and Shutdowns

I swear you leave for a week and everything goes to hell.

So the Republicans passed the tax cut in the Senate, meaning now they need to consolidate both bills into a working framework that will pass both houses, keep in mind that this means the Senate will be the most likely place for it to fail; Corker remains adamantly (as far as I can tell) opposed to the bill, they only need two more people to vote against the bill for it to fail, and one if Roy Moore loses in Alabama.

Secondly, the shutdown looms. The House and Senate need to pass funding for the federal government, otherwise they’ll face a shutdown before Christmas, and no one wants that. With the Democrats playing hardball trying to get the CHIP program funded and the DACA children protected, this means the republican caucus either needs to unify or risk compromise with the Democrats. So predictably the Freedom Caucus raised a fuss. Currently things are progressing rather quietly but unless the Republicans can get their shit together, or suck it up and compromise, I think we’re looking at a shutdown.

And finally, Rep. Conyers has resigned, officially pledging his support to his son to take his place, with another member of his family also pledging to run for the seat. Additionally multiple Senators have demanded that Sen. Franken step down after I believe its now eight women have accused him of sexual harassment. To which I say: good, he should go. Because A: you shouldn’t harass people in any way especially not sexually, and B: I dislike people showing a consistent pattern of abuse of power, having power.

Also Trump has announced the American embassy shall be moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, under the basis that Jerusalem is the true capital of Israel. Because fuck regional stability.


The Atlantic:  Republicans Pass Their Tax Bill
The Atlantic: Conyers Stepping Down
The Atlantic: Calls for Franken to Step Down 
Politico: Republicans tamp down opposition 


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