About the London Tower Fire

Currently (19/06/17) the London police have announced that 58 deaths have occurred so far in regards to the Tower fire, though with dozens still missing there is every chance that number will continue to rise. In the wake of the fire the responses have been at once typical of the British people, raising 3.8 million for aid, resources and water provided, housing available though little in the way of privacy, and distinct due to the nature of the fire, and the residents repeated warnings regarding the building.

The issue there is complicated due, mostly as it requires an understanding of who is responsible. On one hand the governments austerity program has not helped local councils in regards to housing difficulties in much of London and beyond, yet said council is also being reported as to have deliberately ignored the warnings of the residents of the buildings, especially after the recent renovations (designed to make the building look nicer, not better suited for the residents already living there) placed new cladding that experts warned appeared flammable. Coupled with the fact this is a Labor stronghold, but the government is indeed Tory, and the complications arise.

In the end the ones responsible are the renovators and the council for failing repeatedly to heed the warnings of the residents and experts, and their favoring the wealthy in the area over concerned residents has had an terrible consequence. This doesn’t excuse the central government who could have pushed for stricter regulations in regards to building safety, nor the current Mayor of London Mr. Khan who in turn could have leveraged authority, in the event that he was aware (I am unsure of this at this time).

It is unsurprising, in the wake of this event, that angry citizens most likely shaken by yet another attack and this event have taken to the streets and to the bodies responsible to vent their rage and demand action. Whether May, who met with residents of the building after an initial stumble in regards to her response to the fire, or the local bodies can make amends for this event, and ensure it does not occur again especially in the name of cheaper renovations I cannot say.


Bloomberg: 58 declared dead in wake of London Tower Fire 


Election thoughts and rambles

In the aftermath of Britain’s election, with Mays fall from a majority and Labors rise as a credible party once more, with Corbyn proving a surprisingly good campaigner, another election was held beneath many peoples notice. That is, the French Parliamentary election. 

Similar to the Presidential election there are two rounds, with Macrons Republique en Marche earning 31.5 percent of the vote in the first, potentially earning his party up to 400 seats within Parliament, an massive majority. While it should be noted that voters typically provide majorities to newly elected presidents to ensure their ability to lead and enact reforms, there were questions regarding French voters willingness to support a new party and an untested president. This is an impressive lead, though it bears repeating that two round system does mean that number could change, potentially in either direction. SO no massive response from me just yet.

In regards to Labors surprise growth, that of a 10% increase in parliament, in the end I can only wonder at Corbyns ability as both opposition leader and legislator. While the latter is unlikely to be seen in a Tory government, proposals and effective opposition and leadership could provide further strength to Labor given his new national profile (regardless of what much of the media and political establishment might want). As it is, I truly know little of his actual ability to do either so as above, I’m gonna wait and see.

It’s annoying this ambivalence I have right now. I like Macron, but until he begins making reforms I have no understanding of the impact or changes he can credibly make, or how that will affect French people and economy. I’m open to Corbyns success, but I know very little of the man and I’m hesitant to latch onto any British politician at this stage.

At this stage I’m just waiting for some new leaders to step up, and hopefully prove themselves nationally and internationally. Hopefully Macrons a signal of that change, but I feel that he’ll need to succeed for that to be worth focusing on.


Bloomberg: Macron Tightens Grip on Parliamentary Seats

Last Thoughts on Brit election

Just a last thought before the British Elections, regarding polls. A lot of people have been saying that basically there’s no chance of a Labor victory, that may will win no matter what, the polls are saying between one point and 12 yadda yadda.

Now, quick question: does anyone remember Brexit? Or Trump? Cause I do, and I remember those polls being pretty clear too, and people saying all the time “there’s no way anyone would do that, they couldn’t vote for this or that”.

Having opinions is fine, it’s what this whole blog is based on after all, but don’t mistake an opinion for fact, and don’t presume that polls are unquestionable. We’ve been wrong before, is all I’m saying, and Corbyn’s drawing some pretty big crowds.

Sound familiar?

Elections loom in Britain after third terrorist attack

On Saturday there was yet another attack on Britain, in London. Once more people were hurt and killed by the cruel, the malicious, and the senseless. Britain grieves, and the world mourns with them.

And yes Trump made an idiot of himself.

In the wake of a third attack, many people are turning towards the Election coming up and questioning both major sides of the debate. On one hand, it is the conservative party, May and her Tories, which led the country during these attacks: have they done enough, have they failed in some way, and why should they be trusted if so?

On the other Labor, under Corbyn, has proven adverse to conflict in all forms, and isn’t known for directly responding to any question regarding terrorism. It’s not suprising, to me at least, that people might question if he has the strength to combat terrorism, at home or abroad.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers and I don’t know how this election will go. At this stage it looks to me that either the Conservatives will eke out a win, or Labor, the Social Democrats and the Scottish Independence Party will form a coalition, though how that will work in practice is anyone’s guess.

Also the UK Independence party is imploding. Should I be pleased about that? (well I am anyway, so meh)

There’s no easy answer to Terrorism, no matter what we might wish. best of luck to the victor I guess.


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