So about the North Korea thing

Okay, Trump? Trumpy, mate, Shut Up. Kay? Just shush for like, five days or something, let this blow over okay? Cause, uh, threatening to blow up another nation, even one screwing with you like North Korea, with “Fire and Fury and Power like the world has never seen”?

Not Helping. 

Right so, while Trump was on vacation, intelligence agencies confirmed that yes, North Korea now has a payload for those shiny missiles they’ve been throwing around lately. They made some threats, and Trump responded, as above. This is very bloody bad. Not because North Korea is suddenly about to launch a nuke or anything (the things mostly there for defense, if they actually tried anything America and most of the world would immediately retaliate) but because it escalates tensions with a guy who blusters for security, against the guy who blusters for ego. Who also has nukes, and I don’t think he quite grasps how dangerous those things are. Or doesn’t care.

Or thinks that’s what freedom looks like.

So no, I don’t think anythings gonna happen immediately. On the other hand, Comey, Paris Agreement, Priebus. Trump is an unpredictable actor, not just to his enemies but to everybody. So yeah, just a little freaked out.


Over. This. S**t. (can I swear on this?)

Nunes got kicked off of the house intelligence hearings

Trump authorized bombings of Syrian air bases

The republicans nuked the filibuster.


Remember when politics was synonymous with compromise? I don’t.

So long as this partisan brinkmanship continues, all we’re going to see is more and more conflict, challenges and difficulty. The more of that, the more extreme leaders the US is going to get, people like Trump who will lash it quickly and shortsightedly at anything and everything that they consider a threat.


Compromise. Remember it.


(but seriously can I?)

The myth of Voter Fraud

For a great many years, the Republican party has pushed for investigations into alleged voter fraud. This bogeyman, which they have created and maintained, has indeed been investigated during a republican presidency, George W. Bush’s, and what they found was next to nothing. The simple fact is voter fraud does not truly occur.

Now some would argue that the thousands of dead people still on the registration lists is an invitation to fraud, that democrats will use these names to twist votes in their direction. Firstly, no they can’t that’s not how the system works, you cannot stroll in and just vote, even in the most efficient states it still takes hours to vote, which is in the case of a normal vote, and not a caucus vote where they have a single moment of voting and then that’s it. Secondly there has never been any evidence that there as either a method or intent to use the dead legislators to vote illegally.

In fact, of the one case I am aware of regarding voter fraud, it was a trump voter. And she was caught near immediately.

Voter fraud exists more as a reason for republicans to enact strict voting laws, which while objectively could be a public good, are always found to be drafted in such a way as to make voting more difficult for certain groups, be it the youth, blacks, Latinos or others. And that’s not me speaking, that’s the courts.

Still that doesn’t seem to be stopping this latest witch hunt by the Trump administration, certain as their leader is that 3-5 million people voted illegally. Which he cannot confirm, or present any evidence for beyond for, regardless of what a disk jockey might say.

Makes you wonder how they’re gonna screw up the tax bill.


Politico: Republican fear of Voter Fraud

Lazy weekend talk

So, this weekend was interesting.

Trump had a meltdown on international TV, ranted about the media, complained about being called an anti-Semitic (he wasn’t) and uh…nominated someone for something? Labor secretary! That was it.

Oh and the guy who was gonna replace Flynn as National Security Adviser? Yeah that’s done. Wanted to choose his own team, Trump said no, Harvard walked away. Petraeus has pulled out too. Keep this up, Bannon might just get the role (please don’t give it to Bannon)

The Battle for Mosul was launched, that’ll be interesting.

German Chancellor Merkel and Canadian PM Trudeau had a candle lit dinner, so that was nice.

And Russia’s pulled back from Trump in a startling display of rationality! No, no, Putin just doesn’t like it when someone’s more referenced and cited than him on his own TV channel.

Fun. Let’s see how badly they screw it up this week.


I’d cite, but I can’t be bothered. Tomorrow. When I write an actual story.