British Election exit polls point to hung parliament

Caaaaled it.

Just saying. Anyway, it looks like the conservative party has lost the majority, needing 326 seats to maintain control of parliament and requiring a coalition government to now lead Britain(ha!). At this stage it looks likely that Labor, having gained at least 33 seats from this election, along with the Scottish Independence Party are likely contenders for this coalition, though it must be said that the lib-dems are insisting there will be “no deals, no coalitions” cause reasons. I don’t know, pride?

Also, Comey has finished his latest senate hearing, and confirmed a few things:

  1. Trump is still, as far as Comey is aware, not under investigation (which he did inform Trump of three times)
  2. Trumps actions, his attempts to force a loyalty pledge, and his attempts to shut down the Flynn probe are what concerned Comey and encouraged him to write his notes.

He also insisted that all of Trump and his teams attempts to disparage him and blame him for any concerns within the FBI are “lies, plain and simple”.

So, this may lead to a potential obstruction of justice case, though by itself it is not enough, Britain is looking at a hung government, we’ll see how that goes, and Russia remains a looming concern/threat, not only for Trump but for the US and abroad. After all Comey did say they interfered with the election, and that they will be back. I’m inclined to take him at his word.

RyanCare still Struggling

Paul Ryan’s healthcare bill is still in danger of failing, not only are a number of house conservatives still opposing the replacement bill for the ACA, even though some are willing to change their votes with concessions from Trump, but Senate conservatives are openly calling the bill dead on arrival (DOA). Its openly acknowledged that the republican senate only needs to lose two of its members for the bill to fail, especially with the Democrats united in opposition to the bill. The problems of course lead back to the issue of repealing Obamacare, and actually providing healthcare, or Medicaid benefits for their constituents. Ideological conservatives loathe Obamacare, because market place logic for a basic human right is apparently sensible…somewhere. And the more moderate members of the Senate and house are more concerned with their people losing both cover (24 million will lose their cover if the bill passes) and not being voted back in for being the guy who did that to them.

Naturally Ryan remains focused on passing this bill, even if the policy is detrimental to the majority of America, businesses and the economy (because the sheer level of money used on healthcare is enormous, and could be better applied if they moved away from a capitalist system. But that’s neither here nor there), which could be lead back the issue of the border adjustment tax, which having seemingly failed now seems to have resulted in an $800 billion decrease in Medicaid spending. All for tax cuts for the wealthy, because reasons.

At this stage, even if it does pass the house, it will probably fail in the senate, which may lead to the fall back plan of waiting for Obamacare to implode from its own destructive path.

Which, you know, it isn’t.


Politico: Healthcare bill DOA in Senate

Healthcare’s Hard, Says Trump. No Really.

Trump has suddenly realized that being president is hard. Who knew?

Well everybody actually that’s rather the point

Still the point he was referring to was healthcare, and how the house and senate still haven’t come up with a replacement or can even agree on a basic idea. Some don’t want to spend a lot of money, some don’t want to interfere with the market, some are generally clueless, and it’s all basically a mess. And Trump is just realizing that yes, it is in fact a hard thing, a difficult thing, to be president and deal with healthcare. Kind of why Obamacare is actually a really good thing that people (suddenly, of course) have decided is actually pretty great.

So what’s the plan now? Repeal-and-delay, better known as ‘Republicans have no plan because they bitched for too long, and now they’re gonna avoid the question entirely’. For about three months.

The senate bill in question probably won’t pass, but if it does it’ll give some breathing room for the house and congress to come up with some sort of plan and not a [placeholder]. It’ll also piss of their base, 20 million people suddenly without healthcare, pretty much every liberal period, and galvanize the Democrats. So it also might not pass. Which will still piss of their base and leave Republicans back at square one.

Isn’t Politics fun?

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