Sessions Rescinds Memo regarding Private Prisons

Today, the Attorney General of the United States rescinded a memo. This was not due to a typo, a clerical error or even some form of malfeasance. This is ideological. This is profit based.

This is about Private Prisons.

The former Deputy Attorney General, and stand in for Sessions until he could be nominated, Sally Yates, issued a statement in August 2016 that stated the US governments intention to gradually phase out the usage of Private Prisons for their criminals and eventually cease using them altogether. Sessions feels differently apparently, believing that private prisons are too useful for the future of the nation and criminal justice system.

This could be interpreted in a number of ways, but I’m going to be nice and assume he means that the current number of federal and state prisons lack the capacity for their current load of Prisoners and that level is expected to be maintained. Rather than say, aggressively expanded.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont released a statement that this was a reward for the Private Prison businesses, which had donated massively to Trumps campaign, and indeed immediately after the release of this emo, stocks for two private prison companies, Core Civic and GEO Group, both spiked. Whether this was the intent, I cannot say, but it is clear that Sessions not only believes in the validity of Private prisons in the System, he will encourage their usage regardless of the numerous (and most likely former) investigations into their actions and treatment of prisoners.


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