Sessions Testimony thoughts

A quick summary: interesting, if empty.

In long form: the reality is, very little was reveled in regards to the Trump campaign, though what was not said, Sessions reactions and a lack of response to a particular issue were of some interest regardless.

Firstly, there was no mention nor question in regards to Sessions response to Comey’s request for space from the president, in light of his private moments with the man, nor any questions regarding Sessions attempted resignation. Whether this was just due tot he senate not focusing on those areas, or a lack of time due to Stalling from Sessions and interruptions from the republicans I cannot say for sure.

Secondly, Sessions was continually rattled and shaken in regards to heated questions from the Democrats, and independent Senator King. This lack of composure showed itself in his retaliations to numerous senators after repeated questions, especially in light of his stonewalling, his refusal to answer questions in regards to Trumps thoughts on Comey and Russia, citing justice department traditions. There’s no question he could have responded regardless of such a tradition, as other Attorney Generals had, but the questions remain unanswered.

Finally, Sessions did mention one important thing: during and after the campaign Trump showed no interest in what Russia may have been doing in regards to the election. In turn much of his team including Sessions gave no credence or attention to the matter. This is a startlingly display of willful ignorance, and as best as I can tell shows Trumps ambivalence to the idea of election manipulation and rigging, so long as he perceives it in a way that benefits him, or doesn’t get in his way.

I can’t say I’m surprised by the lack of disclosure, though the deliberate ignorance to the Russia issue is interesting, and a possible lead out for Trump if he or his team is caught in any issue regarding said manipulation: it happened, but he wasn’t aware of it, I suppose. Wonder what’ll come out next?


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